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Walk Behind Edger With Groomer Blade

  • Re-define pitch and lawn edges.
  • Groom shrub and flower beds with minimum disturbance to plants.
  • Edge golf bunkers.
  • Blade angle quickly adjusts to match ground conditions.

Walk Behind Edger With Hard Edging Blade

  • Cut grass overhang from pathways, kerbs and roads.
  • Edge grass sports pitches.

Walk Behind Edger With Opener blade

  • Create new landscaping beds and tree rings.
  • Redefine edges around neglected borders and beds. Blade cuts a fresh edge and gulley, breaks soil into a fine tilth and deposits it on the bed.

Walk Behind Edger With Trenching blades

  • Dig shallow trenches. Sizes range from 0.75" to 5" width and up to 7" depth.
  • Sand-slit for draining wet areas.
  • Install domestic sprinkler systems, path edging, low voltage cables, lawn edging etc.
  • Whip planting.
  • Install reptile, newt and rabbit fencing.
  • Plant hedgerows and bulbs. Blade breaks soil into a fine tilth and deposits it to one side.

View Walk Behind Edger Operator's Manual pdf icon.

View Walk Behind Edger Spare Parts List 2nd pdf icon.

The Walk Behind Edger & Trencher is driven by a Honda-powered, GXV390 TurfTeq Tractor Unit, which is common to all attachments.



golf bunker edginggolf bunker edging (large pic) path edgingpath edging (large pic) before and after edgingbefore and after edging (large pic) bed edging and redefiningbed edging and redefining (large pic)
power edger to create new bedscreate new bedspower edger to redefine existing bedredefine existing bedpower edger for kerb edgingkerb edging
trencher blade applications

"Having recently acquired a Turf Edging machine we are delighted with the results. The hard edge attachment has speeded up operations dramatically; we are achieving astounding work output compared to traditional hand methods."
Richard Barton, Service Manager Landscape Maintenance, Torbay Council.

"The edger is the best machine I have ever rented. We shall either purchase one or hire it again in the near future. It will accomplish in an hour what a man could take a day to do manually."
Nick Freeman, Manager of Coblands Landscapes, Tunbridge Wells.

"I was really impressed with the power edger. We did about a week's spade work in a few hours."
Richard Squires, Manager, English Heritage.

"We hired the Turf Teq Bed Edger last year; it did a fantastic job. We did the whole year's edging in a couple of days."
Graham Sellwood, Wiltshire Council.

"The installation of Rite Edge lawn edging, and the more heavy duty Rite L Edge, requires a shallow trench. The Turf Teq Edger/Trencher is perfect for both installations, and speeds up the job considerably."
Paul Greaves, Sales Director, Rainbow Professional Ltd.

power edger for trenchingtrenching
trenching examplestrenching examples (large pic)
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